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Do you want to refresh your kitchen with our wooden cabinet refinishing service?

We offer the kitchen of your dreams for a fraction of the price without all the hassle of renovation and in an ecological way.

For a durable kitchen, there is Nhance Quebec.

Watch the video to understand how Nhance Quebec will make your kitchen so unique. Request a free quote.

Kitchens of a superior quality at a fraction of the price.

Live the Nhance Quebec experience

To choose Nhance is to choose peace of mind. Our experience exceeds all in the industry. We are proud to contribute to making living spaces more beautiful while being ecological. Our process is one of the best in Canada. Our process allows us to have a fast and efficient execution.

A high-end finish at an affordable price

Our refurbishment services will restore your cabinets to their former radiance all with less time and money than traditional renovation services.

An ecological product without persistant odor

Wood refinishing services are the greenest choice for your hardwood cabinets and floors, and we’re proud of NHance Quebec’s contributions to a greener, more sustainable world.

A kitchen of industrial quality

The Lightspeed process hardens the wooden surfaces with a powerful ultraviolet (UV) light which allows you to obtain a professional and durable finish.

A fast and efficient process

Most of the work can be completed in half the time than the traditional ways of refurbishing furniture or cabinets, often in just one day thanks to our Lightspeed process.


The thousands of possibilities with Nhance Quebec

We have an infinite selection of colors and tints at your disposal for your kitchen cabinets.

Why change when you can improve?

See the advantages of Nhance Quebec cabinet finishing services.


*We work with most types of surfaces.

The superior quality comes with a superior guarentee

  • No chipping

  • No peeling

  • Durable finish

Our guarentee is valid for a duration of two years in a normal context of use. One of our experts will inspect the state of your kitchen for the application of the guarentee. Pine cabinets are not covered by the guarentee. Reparations are free if the guarentee is applicable.

The Nhance Quebec process in 8 steps
  1. Free quote
  2. Disassemble your cabinets
  3. Prepare the surface
  4. Application of the primer
  5. Change the color
  6. Apply the protection
  7. Reassemble
  8. Perform the inspection

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