Non-Sandable Floor Refinishing

Need help refinishing non-sandable floors? Then it’s time to call the experts at N-Hance Québec®Our non-sandable floor refinishing services are perfect for refinishing floors that can’t be sanded, such as bamboo, cork, or hand-scraped hardwood.

With traditional refinishing services, floors need to be sanded extensively. But with N-Hance Québec, you can skip sanding entirely. This makes N-Hance the ideal choice for refinishing non-sandable wood floors. We can even refinish older hardwood floors that have been sanded down to tongue and groove by previous refinishers.

This service not only makes non-sandable floor refinishing a breeze. It also eliminates hassle and health concerns of airborne wood dust. And thanks to our Lightspeed®instant-cure system, we can refinish non-sandable floors in just 1-2 days — significantly less time than traditional refinishing methods!

Nos services de finition de plancher sans poussière

Before N-Hance, it was nearly impossible to refinish wood floors without sanding them first. This left homeowners with few options for refinishing certain types of wood floors. If your home contained specialty wood flooring, you had few options for restoring the original finish.

Now, thanks to N-Hance Québec, it’s easy to refinish wood floors that can’t be sanded. Our non-sandable floor refinishing service is an ideal fit for the following types of flooring:

  • Bamboo floors
  • Cork floors
  • Engineered floors
  • Hand-scraped floors
  • Distressed hardwood floors
  • Floors that have been sanded down to tongue and groove

Zero Sanding = Zero Wood Dust

At N-Hance, our non-sandable floor refinishing process uses a liquid abrasion technique to remove the old layer a finish, a job that’s usually performed by drum sanders. This makes N-Hance a less noisy, messy, and disruptive choice for refinishing. Getting rid of drum sanders also eliminates airborne wood dust, considered one of the biggest drawbacks of traditional refinishing.

Ask anyone who’s hired a traditional refinisher, and they’ll tell you how much of a pain wood dust can be. It’s hard to contain. It’s annoying to clean. And worst of all, it’s linked with increased risk of acute and chronic respiratory illnesses.

With N-Hance non-sandable refinishing services, you don’t need to worry about the hassle or health risks of wood dust. We also use low-VOC, water-based finishes and sealants. This way, you don’t need to worry about lingering fumes or chemical odors. That makes N-Hance the perfect refinishing service for families.

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